Bryan Dornan is a San Diego based SEO specialist offering mortgage marketing, search engine optimization, lead generation with an arsenal of stealth internet marketing solutions for business.

19 Jul 10 Online Lead Generation

With almost 12 years of online lead generation experience, I definitely feel comfortable talking about SEO strategies and internet marketing execution.  Most businesses live or die based on their ability to generate leads.  Really either you buy leads effectively or you generate leads online from your website or through email marketing.  Bryan Dornan and Nationwide Marketing offer result-driven lead generation services that will improve your internet marketing both short and long term.  My team of lead generation specialists eats drinks and sleeps lead generation and search engine optimization.

We offer the following lead generation services for start-ups and small business internet marketing solutions.

  • Organic Search Engine Optimization
  • Local Search Marketing
  • Opt-In Email Marketing
  • Pay-Per Click Lead Management
  • Online Affiliate Marketing
  • Voice Broadcasting

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03 Feb 10 Attract New Customers with Press Releases

Press Releases can be used effectively for enhancing public relations, branding companies and SEO tools for increased rankings online.   Bryan Dornan has written many press releases for his businesses as well as for his clients through his marketing firms, Nationwide Marketing and Seaside Capital Group.

Increase Web TrafficIn 2001 Dornan founded Nationwide Marketing, a company that focused on search engine marketing for other Dornan start-ups like, World Web Properties, Smart Lending, Mortgage Lenders Plus, Nationwide Mortgage and the Lead Planet.  He believes integrating a podcast or video will significantly enhance the credibility of the press release while helping to stimulate web traffic. Dornan’s SEO philosophy has always focused on integrating traditional marketing tools like press releases with online marketing strategies.

Press releases provide marketing assistance to businesses seeking exposure on the internet and in the news.  He believes leveraging the Internet is a critical method for communicating through the media to the public. Dornan has pioneered web-based press release systems that have enabled small companies gain visibility cost effectively.

  • Press release with search engine optimization fundamentals that raise the scope of news in search engines like Bing, Google and Yahoo!
  • Social bookmarking tools for linking and tracking press releases with social networking sites
  • Adding RSS to press releases will raise the distribution of news
  • Integrated podcasts into press releases to enhance the visibility and traffic of news releases
  • Incorporate video into press releases to maximize the video content with high traffic sites like YouTube and Yahoo.

For more marketing insight, call 888-271-9581 ext-103 and we will send you an SEO proposal based on your keywords, needs and goals.

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