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25 Jun 10 Online Reputation Management

One of the hottest SEO services in 2010 is online reputation and brand management.  In this “information age” we are living in, managing your reputation online is more important than ever.  Did you know that people are searching for your name on Google all the time?  Other search engines, like Bing, Yahoo and are being used as a tool to examine your reputation online.  Don’t forget the social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  Word travels fast with social network media and they have search engines integrated into their systems.

Search Engine Optimization is an Effective Tool for Online Reputation Management

A recent Microsoft survey, “Online Reputation Management is essential in a connected world,” stated that 78% of recruiters are using search engines and 63% are using social networks, to conduct background checks on candidates.  As an employer myself, I’ve received a lot of internship applications from students who are just plain careless about their online reputation.  For employers the world wide web is considered a global talent pool because anyone in the world can have a presence online. Image is very important for business and if you are serious about maximizing opportunities then you must manage your reputation online.

Get Control and Manage Your Online Reputation

Set up a Website – Purchase your domain name. For less than $10 a year, you may be able to use name as a domain name. This will give you an edge to protect yourself from others who may share the same name as you. If your name isn’t available, then use your middle initial, your full middle name, or a shortened version of your name.  After buying a domain name, you should have a company like Smart Search Strategies create a website that promotes your name or business.  Utilize this website as an opportunity to feature your career highlights or business niches.  You can’t risk your reputation, because if you take a pro-active approach you will be able to control your image and reputation online.

Publish a Blog - Another method that Bryan Dornan’s SEO team recommends is have a professional blog created in an effort to promote your business and add credibility to your name.  The search engines bots typically recognize the weblog as being associated with your business or name and often rank you site favorably.

Social Media Marketing - Promote your business or name on social networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google. Just like your website and blog, these are significant opportunities that can benefit you and your ability to succeed with internet reputation management.  The Wall Street Journal recommends to visit and to set up the appropriate usernames to claim your short URL. For LinkedIn, create a custom URL when editing your profile. For Twitter, just register your full name as your account name. Finally, for Google, go to and fill out your profile completely, because the most thorough profiles for each full name will appear at the bottom of the Google search results.

Publish Articles Online – Contribute content to other sites. By writing an article you can build credibility and benefit from having another link indexed that comes up on a search when someone is querying your business or name.

Become an Online Authority - If you share expertise on the internet, locate bloggers and traditional journalists online and build relationships with them. Comment on their blogs or articles for a few weeks and then send them a note with resources, tips, or even your story.

We recommend being proactive managing your reputation online.  It is much better for people to see positive results show up when they Google your name.  Please complete this quick request form and get a no cost evaluation for online reputation management.  – content sources:  Wall Street Journal, Google and Twitter

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