Bryan Dornan is a San Diego based SEO specialist offering mortgage marketing, search engine optimization, lead generation with an arsenal of stealth internet marketing solutions for business.

25 Jan 11 Mortgage Marketing & Lead Generation

For over thirteen years, Bryan Dornan has been leading successful mortgage lead generation campaigns with SEO. His primary focus has been organic search engine optimization, but internet marketing has advanced a lot since then and mortgage SEO is not the only loan companies can generate leads online. 

No matter what king of internet marketing solution you utilize, it is essential to create a comprehensive mortgage website with a clever landing page that delivers a clear “call to action.” It is imperative that you make every effort to get your visitors to be engaged online.  This means that you need a mortgage website with compelling content, vibrant graphics and the ability for visitors to contact your company of better yet complete a “mini app” or complete loan application.

Organic SEO – Hire a SEO company that has a proven track record in the mortgage industry.  You want to work with a company like Nationwide Marketing or the Lead Planet because they practice safe organic SEO and understand lending, mortgage websites and they have the ability to get your websites ranked higher on Bing, Google and Yahoo.

Pay Per Click Advertising – Natural search engine optimization take time, so in the meantime PPC marketing is a quick way to get leads online.

Directory Submissions – Have a SEO professional submit your website to directories like AlltheWeb, DMOZ and

Press Releases Promoting Your Company – Loan applicants like to read press releases and what better way for them to find out about your company’s competitive edges.

Articles Promoting Your Lending Niches – The mortgage industry sees frequent changes, so let visitors know about the new loan programs that meet their needs.

Mortgage Rate Alerts – When interest rates fall to a point that motivates your prospects it is a good idea to let them know.  Borrowers want to work with loan companies that are on the ball.

With over a decade of experience with SEO for mortgage companies, Bryan Dornan has developed a multitude of internet marketing solutions that can benefit your loan company by maximizing your website’s rankings on the search engines.  Dornan has founded several successful mortgage marketing companies like the Lead Planet, Smart Lending, Mortgage Lenders Plus and Nationwide Marketing. Take advantage of his custom lead generation services and reap the benefits of search engine marketing.  Call Bryan Dornan at 760-579-9336 and get an internet marketing consultation at no cost.