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13 Nov 08 Press Release Power

Press Releases can be used effectively for enhancing public relations, branding companies and SEO tools for increased rankings online.  Bryan Dornan has written many press releases for his businesses as well as for his clients through Nationwide Marketing and Lead Planet and Seaside Capital Group. Integrating a podcast or video can really enhance the credibility of the press release while helping to increase the web traffic simultaneously. 

Below are some excerpts from various press releases Dornan wrote over the last few years. 

San Diego, California April 8, 2008 — Nationwide Mortgage Lender introduces new loan limits for FHA mortgage refinance and home purchase loans. The increased loan limits for FHA mortgages offer a unique opportunity for homeowners to refinance into a lower interest rate loan that is fixed with 15 or 30-year terms. The lender is excited to release the FHA refinance loan that allows cash out up to 95% loan to value. This unique government insured mortgage product allows homeowners to escape their adjustable rate mortgage that has been draining their savings.  > Read Complete Press Release
San Diego, California (PRWEB) August 13, 2007 –BD Nationwide Mortgage introduces the “125% Home Equity Refinance Loan Combination” for refinancing 1st and 2nd mortgages into a new 100% first mortgage with a 125% home equity loan that funds simultaneously. The latest home equity product from BD Nationwide helps homeowners refinance their adjustable rate mortgage to 100% loan-to-value and enables them to consolidate additional consumer debt like revolving credit cards and unsecured high rate loans with a 125% second mortgage. On average, borrowers are saving $800 a month with first and second combo loans that were designed to consolidate adjustable rate mortgages into fixed rate no equity loans for maximizing monthly savings.  > Read Complete Press Release

For the second consecutive year, BD Nationwide Mortgage Company was awarded “Preferred Broker” Status from Irwin Home Equity for home equity loans and mortgage refinancing. IHE announced last week that BD Nationwide was extended this award for their exceptional level of expertise for home equity loan origination. The preferred status gives BD Nationwide a significant edge because they are one of the few mortgage brokers in the country who can offer large home equity loans to a 125% loan to value. Most lenders and brokers are restricted to $50,000 or $75,000 loan amounts but the San Diego Mortgage Lender is able to offer these high LTV second mortgages for loan amounts ranging from $100,000 to $200,000 to qualifying borrowers across the country.  > Read Complete Press Release

(PRLEAP.COM) BD Nationwide Mortgage introduces the “No Appraisal Home Equity Loan” that requires no URAR or 2055-drive-by appraisal. The latest home equity loan product from BD Nationwide reduces the loan process by 1-2 weeks.  The lender accepts a statistical value model (AVM) rather than a full residential appraisal that is usually required. Most formal appraisals require a licensed appraiser to visit, survey, and appraise the subject property with comparable sales in the neighborhood. In most cases, full appraisals take 1-3 weeks to complete from the time the order is initiated.   > Read Complete Press Release

BD Nationwide Mortgage introduces an affordable only home equity loan that features an interest only payment option with a fixed rate. This second mortgage allows borrowers to get a fixed mortgage rate while also benefiting from a reduced payment and increased cash flow. Homeowners have the luxury of converting their home equity line of credit into a fixed rate second mortgage while keeping the interest only option. BD Nationwide has released several new second mortgage products in 2006 that have offered additional “cash out” opportunities for homeowners without requiring them to refinance their existing first mortgage. > Read Complete Press Release

September 24, 2006 — BD Nationwide Mortgage introduces a break-through second mortgage loan that is compatible with payment option first mortgages featuring options for fixed rate, interest only, and the controversial negative amortization. BD Nationwide is excited to release the “Neg-Am Compatible Second Mortgage Loan.” This unique home equity loan product allows homeowners to qualify for a cash-out second mortgage while keeping their existing payment option loan. This revolutionary equity loan can be subordinated to 100% combined loan to value behind a negative amortization existing first mortgage. This new home equity feature opens the doors for many homeowners who have found it very difficult to get a second mortgage or home equity loan behind any mortgage that has a negative amortization.  > Read Complete Press Release

BD Nationwide Mortgage now offers a convertible home equity line of credit that provides borrowers options for turning their variable interest rates to a fixed rate second mortgage loan. This unique home equity program allows homeowners to convert portions of their adjustable rate equity line into fixed rate home equity loans. Another key feature is that this second mortgage allows you to keep the unused portion of the home equity line open.   > Read Complete Press Release

ASR Trade Show San Diego 2006 ‘Party with a Purpose’ – Soul Cause is proud to present The “Party with a Purpose” for the ASR Trade Show on September 8, 2006. ASR (Action Sports Retailers) and the companies who attend have been known for their parties. ASR joins forces with the Soul Cause to show their support for the San Diego Youth Project. “ The action sports industry prove that you can be profitable while being socially and environmentally responsible,” says Kevin Flanagan, ASR Show Director. Switchfoot’s Jon Foreman and Dakoda’s Davia Matson will perform live.  > Read Complete Press Release

BD Nationwide Mortgage Company announced the arrival of the 110% Mortgage Program. This is a unique loan product that allows borrowers the ability to exceed the value of their home when refinancing their first mortgage. The 110% program requires no equity and enables homeowners the ability to pay off debts, combine mortgage loans, or simply get cash back.  > Read Complete Press Release

BD Nationwide Mortgage is one of only 3 mortgage brokers in the country awarded the “Preferred Broker” status from Irwin Home Equity. This reward program offers quality brokers lending benefits by adding a competitive edge for their 125% home equity products. IHE account executive, Dan Ambrose stated “this is an excellent opportunity for BD Nationwide to really expand its home equity market share.”  > Read Complete Press Release   

Press Releases produced by Bryan Dornan and Nationwide Marketing.