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25 Jan 11 Organic SEO for Mortgage Websites

For over a decade, Bryan Dornan has led many successful internet marketing campaigns that have resulted in high ranking mortgage websites.  The SEO director has created and managed hundreds of  lead generation campaigns that resulted in mortgage websites producing a variety of quality mortgage leads for lending professionals in all 50 states.

Organic SEO – Hire a SEO company that has a proven track record in the mortgage industry.  You want to work with a company like Nationwide Marketing or the Lead Planet because they practice safe organic SEO and understand mortgage lending and have the ability to get your websites ranked higher on Bing, Google and Yahoo.

Pay Per Click Advertising – Natural search engine optimization take time, so in the meantime PPC marketing is a quick way to get leads online.

Mortgage Rate Alerts – When interest rates fall to a point that motivates your prospects it is a good idea to let them know.  Borrowers want to work with loan companies that are on the ball.

Dornan has founded several successful mortgage marketingcompanies like the Lead Planet, Smart Lending, Mortgage Lenders Plus and Nationwide Marketing. Take advantage of his custom lead generation services and enjoy the benefits of receiving quality leads on your website.  Call Bryan Dornan at 760-579-9336 and get a SEO or lead generation consultation at no cost.

14 Jan 11 Online Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Small business internet marketing can be complex, but if you work with an experienced online marketer to produce a pragmatic marketing strategy to ensure maximized profits for many years to come. Most new small businesses do not survive to see their 2nd birthday. The fact is that most of them fail because they are unable to market themselves to generate the revenue needed to survive in today’s competitive environment.  Traditional marketing like direct mail, radio and television can swallow a marketing budget quickly.  Small business internet marketing is essential to provide company info, promote your business and generate the leads you need to pay the bills.

  1. Develop a Comprehensive Website – The site should represent your company’s vision, business niches and offers the ability for customers to find you or buy your product or services.
  2. Submit Your Website to the Free Directories – Join the local directories, ie. Yahoo Local, Google Local, Super Pages, etc.
  3. Network with Other Companies – Find added value businesses that could link to your website – Google, Bing and Yahoo still calculate links into search engine rankings.
  4. Hire a Marketing Professional to help you with SEO – Work with an experienced marketer who offers cost effective search marketing solutions.
  5. Join the Social Networks and Promote Your Business (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.)
  6. Manage Your Reputation Online – Publishing articles are a great way to strengthen your image and help secure online reputation management.
  7. Submit Press Releases – Issuing press releases enables you to announce new products, services in a creative manner while enhancing your professional image online.

22 Jun 10 Searching for the Right SEO Company

Nationwide Marketing posted an interesting article on finding the best SEO company. They talked about how times have changed marketing online and that SEO  is much more comprehensive today than it was, say 10 years ago.

Choose the SEO Company that Best Meets Your Business Needs

Today raising your website ranking to the first page of Google, Bing or Yahoo has become challenging.  There are several types of internet marketing that you should know about.

  • Organic Search Engine Optimization  – Natural search engine placement
  • Paid Search Engine Marketing – Pay-Per- Click and Paid Inclusion

Nationwide is a San Diego SEO company that was founded by Bryan Dornan in 2002.  Read the original Nationwide Marketing article online at > Choosing the Best SEO Company to Market Your Business Online


15 Mar 10 SEO Tips for Small Business Marketing

Search engine optimization has become an effective strategy for marketing small businesses cost effectively. SEO requires good content, adequate site structure and a driving force defined by an original “call to action.”

Top 5 Search Engine Optimization Tips for small businesses from Vendor Seek:

1. Use appropriate page titles like Creative Bakery in Chicago, IL Specializing in Wedding Cakes instead of just Welcome

2. Choose the right keywords in your text. See what terms users are searching on in Google and make sure they appear on your website

3. Build a Sitemap so that search engines can easily navigate your web site and include them in the search results

4. Optimize your local advertising by submitting to Google Local, including your physical address on your website and submitting to free directories like Yahoo, Yelp, SuperPages, etc.

5. Analyze your visitors that come to your site using Google Analytics (free) or another web traffic analysis program. This will tell you what people do when they come to your site and how to improve.

09 Mar 10 Maximizing Website Ranking with Smart Search Strategies

A recent study at Forrester revealed that nearly 80% of website traffic is the result of search engines.  That means if you want to increase the volume of website visitors it is imperative that your site be ranked high on the major search engines like Bing, Google and Yahoo.

Most business owners invest a significant amount of time and money trying to get the search engines to rank their website favorably. 99.9% of business owners fail trying to do it themselves, because the search engine algorithms are very complex.  You could do a great job on many aspects of web development, but if you miss a few beats, the search engine spiders will not reward your site with good rankings.  In most cases, the search engine spiders end up missing most of the websites pages because of poor site architecture and no sitemap.

Search engine optimization, aka SEO, is a pragmatic process of preparing your website for the search engine’s evaluation.  A lot of companies claim they offer SEO services, but very few marketing companies understand the formula for optimizing a website to successfully rank for relevant keywords that get them traffic from visitors that meet the business niches.

In 2000, Lead Planet founder, Bryan Dornan rolled out Nationwide Marketing in an effort to provide internet marketing solutions like web design, public relations, SEO and in addition to direct response for media like TV and radio.

A few years later, Dornan created a think tank called Smart Search Strategies that focused solely on search engine optimization. This group of talented internet marketers created a unique SEO system that encompassed each component of white-hat search marketing that Google, Yahoo and MSN required for long term rankings.  The SSS project was a huge success and the think tank developed into a full-fledged SEO marketing agency that helped hundreds of businesses significantly improve their ranking online.  Our SEO team offers elite internet marketing services for businesses that are serious about increasing the traffic to their website.

09 Mar 10 Content Really is King

Anyone in the internet marketing arena has heard the phrase, “content is king.”  Many SEO marketers and web developers do not want to admit how important good copy written articles can be for SEO marketing campaigns for most industries.  Let’s face it, when you combine a relevant link building campaign with good keyword rich content, you have most of the formula nailed for successful organic search marketing.  The search engine spiders love content and in most cases so do your visitors, so build your website with insightful content that features a clear “call to action” and incorporate catchy landing pages into the mix to maximize lead generation.  I recommend focusing on posting interesting articles that command the attention of your readers.

03 Feb 10 Attract New Customers with Press Releases

Press Releases can be used effectively for enhancing public relations, branding companies and SEO tools for increased rankings online.   Bryan Dornan has written many press releases for his businesses as well as for his clients through his marketing firms, Nationwide Marketing and Seaside Capital Group.

Increase Web TrafficIn 2001 Dornan founded Nationwide Marketing, a company that focused on search engine marketing for other Dornan start-ups like, World Web Properties, Smart Lending, Mortgage Lenders Plus, Nationwide Mortgage and the Lead Planet.  He believes integrating a podcast or video will significantly enhance the credibility of the press release while helping to stimulate web traffic. Dornan’s SEO philosophy has always focused on integrating traditional marketing tools like press releases with online marketing strategies.

Press releases provide marketing assistance to businesses seeking exposure on the internet and in the news.  He believes leveraging the Internet is a critical method for communicating through the media to the public. Dornan has pioneered web-based press release systems that have enabled small companies gain visibility cost effectively.

  • Press release with search engine optimization fundamentals that raise the scope of news in search engines like Bing, Google and Yahoo!
  • Social bookmarking tools for linking and tracking press releases with social networking sites
  • Adding RSS to press releases will raise the distribution of news
  • Integrated podcasts into press releases to enhance the visibility and traffic of news releases
  • Incorporate video into press releases to maximize the video content with high traffic sites like YouTube and Yahoo.

For more marketing insight, call 888-271-9581 ext-103 and we will send you an SEO proposal based on your keywords, needs and goals.

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02 Feb 10 Google on Page Speed as Ranking Factor

A few months ago, Google’s Matt Cutts informed WebProNews that page speed could become a factor Google considers when ranking search results.  Cutts’ comments usually get a lot of attention with the SEO community.  Many search marketing insiders believe that Google has not considered page speed for ranking websites until recently.  Web Pro News makes it clear that Matt Cutts never actually said that page loading speed would become the top criteria for ranking factor on Google.  Cutts posted an SEO video discussing page speed as a ranking factor on Google.  This has become a popular video with search engine marketing enthusiasts.

Google Video: Is Speed More Important Than Relevance?

The video is a response to the following user-submitted question:  Since we’re hearing a lot of talk about the implications of Page Speed, I wonder if Google still cares as much about relevancy? Or are recentness and page load time more important?  In the video Matt addresses the question posed to him Relevancy or Page Speed?  Cutts answers, “No. Relevancy is the most important. If you have two sites that are equally relevant, you’d probably prefer the one that’s a little bit faster, so page speed can be an interesting theory to try out for a factor in scoring different websites. But absolutely, relevance is the primary component, and we have over 200 signals in our scoring to try to return the most relevant, the most useful and the most accurate search result that we can find.”  Cutts continued, “If you can speed your site up, it’s really good for users, as well as potentially down the road, being good for search engines.” 

What are Google’s 200 ranking factors for search engine placement?  WebProNews points out that once you get into how much weight each one carries, it gets even more difficult to speculate. 

I think we can all agree that ensuring your website loads quickly is in the best interest of your visitors because offering a good user experience is important to your site’s credibility and we know Google values the “user experience.” Therefore it’s logical to think that Google would factor speed into their algorithm for ranking websites.  Google offer webmasters various tools to enhance the website loading speed.  Read the original WebProNews Article written by Chris Crum > Google Sets Record on Page Speed as Ranking Factor

29 Jan 10 Leveraging Social Media to Enhance Sales

Creating groups on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. is an easy way to build a network.  Like building a mailing list for regular mail or email, connecting with people and businesses via social networking creates another opportunity to sell your product or services. 

Watch SEO Video with Bruce Clay on Social Networking for Traffic

  • Utilizing Social Networking Company Branding
  • Developing Business Relationships Online
  • Increasing Sales through Social Media Sites
  • Joining LinkedIn Groups for Advice
  • Joining Twitter for New SEO Strategies

According to Windmill Networking, “Businesses wanting to sell into the Social Web need to recognize that they are participants like everyone else and need to follow the same rules of etiquette and conduct.”  Some business oriented social networking websites allow you to publish you blog and promote your website to specific community groups.  One important aspect key to maximizing business networks online is to create new friends and make additional business connections online.

02 Nov 09 Link Building Tips for Search Engine Optimization

Link building campaigns should be an integral part your SEO marketing plan. Linking should be considered carefully because they can have positive or negative repercussions.

SEO Reference recommends focusing you’re SEO linking on the following:
 Target Linking on Authority Sites
 High Quality Links that Are Relevant to the Site
 Strategically Placed on the Page –
 Use Anchor Text Should Reflect Keywords

Don’t be tempted by shady SEO tricks that deliver quick results to boost SEP results but usually these “black hat” link campaigns raise red flags with Yahoo or Google’s search engine standards.
List of SEO Linking Tactics to Avoid:
1. Never outsource your SEO linking project unless you verify those you link to and they are relevant without being associated with “bad neighborhoods.”
2. Avoid only getting links to your index or home page. Work on getting back-links deep to landing pages with good content that you want to maximize with Google rankings
3. Avoid using linking software or
4. Avoid soliciting link ads by sending bulk emails inquiring about link advertising.
5. Avoid advertising with link building services which feature links through an automated system. Google and Yahoo may penalize sites for the purposes of inflating link popularity.
6. Never automate link submission on your website or blog. We recommend manually approving all link requests.
7. Avoid acquiring a high volume of links overnight. Link building should have even flow. A few new links a day is great, but a few hundred links in a day raises many red flags with Google.
8. Don’t make linking building decisions based on PageRank. Rather build a back-link strategy based on authority sites and relevancy.
10. Avoid generic keywords which are broad and not promoting a “call to action.” of the buying cycle.
Read the original linking article.

22 Oct 09 Free Search Engine Optimization Report

For a limited time, our SEO company is offering a free ranking search marketing report that will show you exactly where your website presently ranks in all the major search engines. Then we will email you our SEO analysis report along with the internet marketing opportunities. Our SEO company will recommend how to increase your search engine ranking, and improve your websites targeted traffic significantly!

For a free search engine optimization report which will tell you exactly where your website ranks in all the major search engines, like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Please complete the simple contact form to the right and Bryan Dornan or one of the SEO associates will follow up with you to schedule your free SEO analysis.

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