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14 Jan 11 Online Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Small business internet marketing can be complex, but if you work with an experienced online marketer to produce a pragmatic marketing strategy to ensure maximized profits for many years to come. Most new small businesses do not survive to see their 2nd birthday. The fact is that most of them fail because they are unable to market themselves to generate the revenue needed to survive in today’s competitive environment.  Traditional marketing like direct mail, radio and television can swallow a marketing budget quickly.  Small business internet marketing is essential to provide company info, promote your business and generate the leads you need to pay the bills.

  1. Develop a Comprehensive Website – The site should represent your company’s vision, business niches and offers the ability for customers to find you or buy your product or services.
  2. Submit Your Website to the Free Directories – Join the local directories, ie. Yahoo Local, Google Local, Super Pages, etc.
  3. Network with Other Companies – Find added value businesses that could link to your website – Google, Bing and Yahoo still calculate links into search engine rankings.
  4. Hire a Marketing Professional to help you with SEO – Work with an experienced marketer who offers cost effective search marketing solutions.
  5. Join the Social Networks and Promote Your Business (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.)
  6. Manage Your Reputation Online – Publishing articles are a great way to strengthen your image and help secure online reputation management.
  7. Submit Press Releases – Issuing press releases enables you to announce new products, services in a creative manner while enhancing your professional image online.

09 Mar 10 Maximizing Website Ranking with Smart Search Strategies

A recent study at Forrester revealed that nearly 80% of website traffic is the result of search engines.  That means if you want to increase the volume of website visitors it is imperative that your site be ranked high on the major search engines like Bing, Google and Yahoo.

Most business owners invest a significant amount of time and money trying to get the search engines to rank their website favorably. 99.9% of business owners fail trying to do it themselves, because the search engine algorithms are very complex.  You could do a great job on many aspects of web development, but if you miss a few beats, the search engine spiders will not reward your site with good rankings.  In most cases, the search engine spiders end up missing most of the websites pages because of poor site architecture and no sitemap.

Search engine optimization, aka SEO, is a pragmatic process of preparing your website for the search engine’s evaluation.  A lot of companies claim they offer SEO services, but very few marketing companies understand the formula for optimizing a website to successfully rank for relevant keywords that get them traffic from visitors that meet the business niches.

In 2000, Lead Planet founder, Bryan Dornan rolled out Nationwide Marketing in an effort to provide internet marketing solutions like web design, public relations, SEO and in addition to direct response for media like TV and radio.

A few years later, Dornan created a think tank called Smart Search Strategies that focused solely on search engine optimization. This group of talented internet marketers created a unique SEO system that encompassed each component of white-hat search marketing that Google, Yahoo and MSN required for long term rankings.  The SSS project was a huge success and the think tank developed into a full-fledged SEO marketing agency that helped hundreds of businesses significantly improve their ranking online.  Our SEO team offers elite internet marketing services for businesses that are serious about increasing the traffic to their website.

09 Mar 10 Content Really is King

Anyone in the internet marketing arena has heard the phrase, “content is king.”  Many SEO marketers and web developers do not want to admit how important good copy written articles can be for SEO marketing campaigns for most industries.  Let’s face it, when you combine a relevant link building campaign with good keyword rich content, you have most of the formula nailed for successful organic search marketing.  The search engine spiders love content and in most cases so do your visitors, so build your website with insightful content that features a clear “call to action” and incorporate catchy landing pages into the mix to maximize lead generation.  I recommend focusing on posting interesting articles that command the attention of your readers.

08 Mar 09 Loan Modification & Refinance Leads

Loan Modification & Refinance Leads


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31 Dec 08 2009 the Year that Crisis Turned into Opportunity

I think most Americans would like to forget 2008.  Will 2009 be the Year that America’s Financial Systems Rebounded?  The near collapse of the American economy has caused a tidal waves of concerns with a housing crisis, a stock market crisis, an energy crisis, an auto industry crisis and of course the mortgage lending crisis.  It is my contention that Americans need to remember 2008, because it will be mark where many of our personal trials began. 

With a new year, a new president and a renewed optimistic spirit nationally comes the opportunity for us to rebuild ourselves financially, but more important spiritually.  May God bless you and your loved ones in 2009! – Article written by Bryan Dornan

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23 Oct 08 Commenting on the Mortgage Meltdown

First the “subprime mortgage meltdown”, then the foreclosure crisis, next the government announce the $750 billion dollar bailout and finally the stock market tanks.  After watching the 3 presidential debates and listening to a few of their mortgage foreclosure speeches, in which both candidates promised financial assistance to homeowners while blaming the “big banks”, I realized – this country is in denial.  Like an alcoholic claiming “they just like a few glasses of wine with dinner”, Americans have a spending problem. Think about it – every year credit card debt breaks the previous year’s record and somehow people who don’t even have jobs are watching big flat panel TV’s and walk around in expensive “name brand shoes.” 

According to mortgage data, debt to income ratios continues to rise while the average incomes for Americans have actually been declining slightly.  After a decade of lavish spending, 2006 will be the year remembers because the mortgage companies started going bankrupt and the housing bubble finally bursted.  Home values have continued to drop rapidly because so many homeowners had adjustable rate mortgages and mounting credit card debt that they could no longer afford.  Homeowners no longer had the luxury of refinancing the home loans and unsecured debt and people began losing their homes.  The lending tightened with a credit crunch and it has ultimately become a foreclosure epidemic of the greatest proportion since the Great Depression.  The problems swam upstream and now the banking institutions began to fail because with the increasing home loan defaults created a liquidity problem that prevented banks from lending to each other. > Read Full Complete Article. – by Bryan Dornan