Bryan Dornan is a San Diego based SEO specialist offering mortgage marketing, search engine optimization, lead generation with an arsenal of stealth internet marketing solutions for business.

10 Mar 10 About Bryan Dornan

Bryan Dornan grew up in Southern California in the 70’s and 80’s swimming, surfing and playing competitive baseball and basketball.  Dornan graduated from the University of San Diego in 1994 with a major in Communications, a minor in International Relations and studied real estate, marketing, and media.  In college he was started several entertainment businesses that put on specialty events and concerts at major venues throughout San Diego.  In addition, Dornan successfully managed several rock bands working with premiere talent agencies.

After graduating from USD, Dornan moved to the North Shore of Oahu for surfing and a job with Pitney Bowes where he worked for 2 years selling mailing and logistic systems to hotels and businesses.  In 1998, Mr. Dornan was hired by a prominent California mortgage company, First Allegiance Financial, so he and his wife Marney moved back to San Diego.  He quickly became a successful loan officer as he led the company in loan originations for two consecutive years.

In 2000, Dornan founded the Lead Planet, a lead generation company that developed highly optimized websites that ranked high on the search engines and produced a high volume of sales leads.  Dornan sold the mortgage leads to banks, brokers and lenders who liked the lead quality from the Lead Planet because they were real prospects seeking home loan services. In 2001, Dornan became a licensed real estate broker and opened up several retail mortgage offices that successfully financed borrowers across the country.

In 2001 Bryan Dornan founded Nationwide Marketing, in an effort to create an agency that focused on internet marketing services like, search engine marketing, pay per click management, copywriting and custom web development. Dornan also utilized SEO fundamentals with other start-up companies like, World Web Properties, Smart Lending, Mortgage Lenders Plus.  Today, you can find Bryan Dornan leading the SEO efforts for the Lead Planet, Nationwide Marketing and Seaside Capital Group.