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08 Nov 12 Marketing for the New Direction of Loan Origination

This has been a great year for loan origination and the road to recovery for the mortgage industry appears to be back on track. The pool of qualified borrowers has shrunk so the days of throwing everything against the walls and seeing what sticks are gone. Today’s mortgage marketing strategies must be more stealth and precise. Lenders and bankers must make their marketing dollars go far and that can be difficult because the cost of internet marketing has driven significantly in the last few years. Pay-per click advertising can be very expensive in the home financing space as many high-traffic keywords are bidding between $10 and $20 a click. With click fraud still being a concern, the need to generate organic mortgage leads is more important than ever. Social media marketing will continue to play a key role in the years to come, so don’t laugh off Facebook or Twitter just yet.

I suggest that you seek a blended approach in mortgage marketing strategies for the present market:

  • Professional website for image and branding purposes
  • Original content that clearly underscores your lending niches
  • Optimized landing page with a clear call to action
  • Search engine optimization from a proven professional
  • Email marketing to your network of  past customers
  • Social media marketing to ensure reputation management online