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14 Jan 11 Online Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Small business internet marketing can be complex, but if you work with an experienced online marketer to produce a pragmatic marketing strategy to ensure maximized profits for many years to come. Most new small businesses do not survive to see their 2nd birthday. The fact is that most of them fail because they are unable to market themselves to generate the revenue needed to survive in today’s competitive environment.  Traditional marketing like direct mail, radio and television can swallow a marketing budget quickly.  Small business internet marketing is essential to provide company info, promote your business and generate the leads you need to pay the bills.

  1. Develop a Comprehensive Website – The site should represent your company’s vision, business niches and offers the ability for customers to find you or buy your product or services.
  2. Submit Your Website to the Free Directories – Join the local directories, ie. Yahoo Local, Google Local, Super Pages, etc.
  3. Network with Other Companies – Find added value businesses that could link to your website – Google, Bing and Yahoo still calculate links into search engine rankings.
  4. Hire a Marketing Professional to help you with SEO – Work with an experienced marketer who offers cost effective search marketing solutions.
  5. Join the Social Networks and Promote Your Business (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.)
  6. Manage Your Reputation Online – Publishing articles are a great way to strengthen your image and help secure online reputation management.
  7. Submit Press Releases – Issuing press releases enables you to announce new products, services in a creative manner while enhancing your professional image online.