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14 Sep 10 How does Google Instant Effect Organic SEO Marketing?

Organic search engine optimization companies around the globe have been concerned about the impact of Google’s latest implementation, Google Instant.  According to Google Inc., the new Google Instant has no effect on the ranking algorithm.  This is good news for the SEO world – - – or is it?  Google says that the ranking algorithm is derived the part of the search engine that determines which site is listed 1st, 2nd etc.  Google makes it clear that the Google Instant update will not have any effect on the position of your website in search engine results.

However, this latest Google update may be more significant than an algorithm change because it could change the way consumers interact with the search engine.It’s hard to believe that this won’t have some impact on organic search engine optimization.  Time to adapt!

Here is how it works — Google displays results as you type. But this has a couple of implications for people who use search engines to find websites.

  • Google could influence the keyword search terms because of the auto-complete feature.
  • Searchers can select from various options to click on a result before they even finish typing their query.