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02 Nov 09 Link Building Tips for Search Engine Optimization

Link building campaigns should be an integral part your SEO marketing plan. Linking should be considered carefully because they can have positive or negative repercussions.

SEO Reference recommends focusing you’re SEO linking on the following:
 Target Linking on Authority Sites
 High Quality Links that Are Relevant to the Site
 Strategically Placed on the Page –
 Use Anchor Text Should Reflect Keywords

Don’t be tempted by shady SEO tricks that deliver quick results to boost SEP results but usually these “black hat” link campaigns raise red flags with Yahoo or Google’s search engine standards.
List of SEO Linking Tactics to Avoid:
1. Never outsource your SEO linking project unless you verify those you link to and they are relevant without being associated with “bad neighborhoods.”
2. Avoid only getting links to your index or home page. Work on getting back-links deep to landing pages with good content that you want to maximize with Google rankings
3. Avoid using linking software or
4. Avoid soliciting link ads by sending bulk emails inquiring about link advertising.
5. Avoid advertising with link building services which feature links through an automated system. Google and Yahoo may penalize sites for the purposes of inflating link popularity.
6. Never automate link submission on your website or blog. We recommend manually approving all link requests.
7. Avoid acquiring a high volume of links overnight. Link building should have even flow. A few new links a day is great, but a few hundred links in a day raises many red flags with Google.
8. Don’t make linking building decisions based on PageRank. Rather build a back-link strategy based on authority sites and relevancy.
10. Avoid generic keywords which are broad and not promoting a “call to action.” of the buying cycle.
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