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12 Nov 08 Recently Published Ezine Articles By Bryan Dornan

  • Home Loan Modification and Bankruptcy to Prevent Foreclosure
    [Real-Estate: Foreclosures] The recent foreclosure epidemic has caused millions of American homeowners to scramble for more affordable home loan terms. Whether it’s a rising adjustable rate, loss of income, loss of equity or simply a poor decision to borrow money, people need loan revisions and very few people are able to accomplish that with the traditional method of mortgage refinancing. Mortgage loan modifications occur when a mortgage lender agrees to modify terms in accordance with their borrowers request. Most loan modifications happen after a borrower requests a payment reduction and the loss and mitigation department of the lender agree to the terms.
  • Debt Settlement, Loan Modifications and the Foreclosure Epidemic
    [Finance: Debt-Relief] Clearly, Americans have a problem spending more money than they have. Debt to income ratios have been increasing significantly with consumers as incomes are declining while outstanding balances increase at a rapid pace. When the subprime mortgage debacle turned into a credit crunch, mortgage lenders quickly tightened their loan guidelines. Almost simultaneously, home values began to decline and homeowners were no longer able to qualify for mortgage refinance and loans to consolidate their debt.
  • Search Marketing Value For Small Business Advertising
    [Business: Marketing] Search engine marketing has evolved as a cost effective advertising strategy to connect business with communities across the globe. Search engine marketing can expand the customer base quickly while offering new opportunities that continue to evolve as more and more consumers use the internet for information, entertainment and purchasing.
  • Loan Modifications, Mortgage Refinance Loans and the Foreclosure Crisis
    [Real-Estate: Mortgage-Refinance] The foreclosure crisis continues to ravage our economy with more lost jobs, reduced home equity from plummeting home sales and delinquent mortgage payments. Unfortunately, many people have the ability to make their home loan payment on time but they jumped on the loan modification train with their neighbors and stopped paying their mortgage in hopes of reducing their monthly payments through renegotiations with the loss and mitigation department of their mortgage servicing company. 
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    A friend of mine just emailed me one of your articles from a while back. I read that one and few more loan relief articles. I really enjoy your search marketing blog. Thanks